Civil and Commercial Mediation in St Albans

You will save £1,000’s on Litigation and Court Fee Costs
Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans

Civil and Commercial Mediation in St Albans

Civil and Commercial Mediation is one of the most cost-effective alternative dispute resolution forms for resolving civil and commercial disputes between two or more parties. In civil mediation, an independent person, who has no personal stake in the matter, facilitate the conflicting party to find out a solution themselves rather than going to the Court.

Contract Disputes

Contractual disputes can arise in the event of a real or perceived failure by one or more of the parties involved satisfying the contracts’ terms. Contractual dispute includes the failure of one party to meet expectations.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes happen when two individuals both accept they reserve the privilege to a piece of land. Disputes start when one individual sets up a fence or divider ashore which someone else thought had a place with them.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges.

Why Choose Dispute Mediation?

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans

Fast and Efficient

Mediation typically resolves disputes much faster than going to court. This efficiency saves both time and emotional stress for all parties involved.

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans


Compared to the high costs of legal proceedings, mediation is a much more affordable option. It allows for the resolution of disputes without the financial burden often associated with court cases.

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans


Mediation is a private process. The details of what is discussed during mediation are confidential and cannot be used later in court, providing a safe space for parties to openly discuss their issues.

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans

Controlled Outcome

In mediation, the parties involved have control over the outcome. Unlike court cases where the decision is made by a judge, mediation allows for a solution that all parties can agree on.

Our Mediation Process

Workplace Mediation

We offer a neutral platform for workplace disputes, ensuring productivity and a positive environment.

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Our mediators excel at resolving civil and commercial disputes, from contracts to partnerships.

Family Mediation

We offer a compassionate and sensitive approach to family disputes, focusing on the best interests of all family members.


Mediation Statistics in the United Kingdom

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans

These statistics highlight the increasing need for family mediation services.

Civil And Commercial Mediation In St Albans

Dispute Mediation is more than just a service; it's a commitment to resolving disputes in a way that is fair, efficient, and respectful.

Whether you’re dealing with a workplace dispute, a civil matter, a family issue, or a community conflict, our mediators are here to help guide you towards a resolution.

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