Free Community Mediation

Free Community Mediation

Let’s Build Positive & Progressive Communities

Disputes Mediation is pleased to announce FREE MEDIATION for Communities and its members.

Communities are made of people/individual having some characteristic in common but not everything. The introduction of every individual starts with “I am…….”. That is when the differences arise because every person has their own interpretation of events and their model of the world based on his/her own experience, observation or perception of the situation. Most of the time, these interpersonal differences divide families, friends, communities, and nations.

In resolving these differences and bridging the communities, and their members, the Community Mediators, can play a vital role in a wide range of disputes and difference, including:

  1. Differences within a family.
  2. Neighbours’ disputes.
  3. Problems and conflicts between different groups.
  4. Community issues.
  5. Tenant and landlord disputes.

Community Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and flexible way of resolving disputes without going to court and spending a lot of money & time. Community Mediators follow a set procedure of communication and assist the disputing parties to reach a settlement that is acceptable to all parties; mediation is a Win-Win situation.

Disputes Mediation is pleased to announce FREE MEDIATION for Communities and its members (T&CA).


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