Mediation in St Julians

We resolve Civil & Commercial, Workplace, and Family disputes through Mediation in St Julians .

Mediation in St Julians

When it comes to looking for legal assistance, who do you turn to? A solicitor? A judge? In reality, you can resolve many of your legal matters outside of the courtroom. Mediation is a fast and cost-effective way to have a dispute resolved. It’s also a great way to avoid a drawn-out process that might take years.

Mediation has been used across the World as an effective alternative to other ways of settling disputes. It is an alternative dispute resolution method that seeks to resolve conflicts between two or more parties. It is often used as an out-of-court settlement option because it reduces costs and speeds up resolving cases. In mediation, each side presents their argument in front of their opponent with an impartial mediator who will help reach an agreement.

Mediation Services

Workplace Mediation

Workplace conflict can take many forms, including employee grievances, disputes between a manager and an employee or simply a personality clash between colleagues. A mediator facilitates a discussion between individuals to find a mutual resolution.

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Civil and Commercial Mediation
can be used in a commercial contract, computer/IT, professional negligence, property disputes, construction, consumer/fair trading, insurance, personal injury, planning (and other disputes with government departments) and inheritance/probate disputes.

Family Mediation

Family Dispute can involve just two people in conflict or include extended family members. Where there are issues related to family, Family mediation provides an opportunity for separated couples to have difficult discussions in a structured, non-judgmental environment.

Community Mediation

Community Mediation is a Win-Win Situation.
Community Mediation can be an excellent opportunity to resolving differences and bridging the communities and their members. Community Mediators can play a vital role in a wide range of disputes and differences.

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