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How do I coparent in the summer holidays?

The summer holidays will soon begin! For many parents, this is time to take vacations, spend quality time with their children, and create lifelong memories. For divorced or separated parents, however, summer holidays may mean additional duties, juggling work and home, and dealing with the stress that comes with it. There may be disagreements concerning [...]

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Family conflicts – are you burning bridges?

Inheritance disputes are challenging for everyone involved because there is grief, a lifetime of emotions and often hurt feelings. Yet, they are among people who still want to have a relationship after the dispute has been resolved, even if they are angry. While going up against each other in court often destroys the possibility of [...]

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What is Mediation?

What is mediation?Mediation is a voluntary process of resolving disputes by the conflicting parties with the help of an independent, impartial party known as a mediator with the joint instructions of the conflicting parties. Mediation is one of the most commonly recognised ways of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Mediation is conducted by a third [...]

What are Benefits of Mediation?

Control: The most significant benefit of Mediation is that the disputing parties make their own decision, and the processes are less stressful than a Court’s proceedings. The parties can explore the misunderstanding, suspicions and other side’s point of view and interest. The parties have opportunities to express their concerns and reasoning. Confidentiality: The whole [...]

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