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We resolve Civil & Commercial, Workplace, and Family disputes through mediation.

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Our Services

Disputes Mediation offers a confidential, impartial, and cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation. Our experienced mediators facilitate open communication, helping parties to reach mutually beneficial agreements. By choosing Disputes Mediation, you’re opting for a solution that prioritises understanding, respect, and resolution.

Workplace Mediation

Resolve disagreements around workplace relationships, such as pay or issues related to dismissal or conduct.

Workplace Mediation

Resolve disagreements around workplace relationships, such as pay or issues related to dismissal or conduct.
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Civil & Commercial Mediation

Dealing with property disputes, construction, consumer fair trading, insurance, personal injury, planning & other disputes with government offices.

Civil & Commercial Mediation

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Family Mediation

Where there are issues related to family. Family Mediation provides an opportunity for separated couples to have difficult discussions in a structured, non-judgemental environment.

Family Mediation

If you're dealing with a family issue then speak to us about mediation.
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Why Choose
Disputes Mediation?

When conflicts arise, the path to resolution can often be complex and emotionally draining.

Disputes Mediation is one of the most respected full-service mediation service, which has gained a considerable reputation because of years of great service. As Mediator, we are passionate about our work and fully committed to our clients. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive Mediation services and support possible. While we make no compromise on the quality of our service, providing affordable Alternative Disputes Resolution Services is one of the most important things that we do. We are committed to delivering the possible greatest quality of service. Our approach is professional, friendly and object is to deliver excellent services at every level because we believe in quality.

Our core Values

At Disputes Mediation, our core values guide every interaction and decision. We believe in:


We ensure that all discussions during the mediation process are kept private, providing a safe space for open dialogue.


We promote a culture of respect, understanding, and empathy, fostering positive communication.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, maintaining honesty and transparency in our services.


Our mediators remain neutral, ensuring that all parties are heard and respected.


We empower parties to take control of their disputes and work towards their own resolutions.


We are at the forefront of mediation having helped thousands with their mediation requirements already

Providing UK-Wide Services

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