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Disputes Mediation – We are resolving Civil & Commercial, Workplace, and Family disputes through mediation and saving our clients thousands in litigation and court fee cost. You can count on our Mediators.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace conflict can take many forms, including employee grievances, disputes between a manager and an employee or simply a personality clash between colleagues. A mediator facilitates a discussion between individuals to find a mutual resolution.

Family Mediation

Family Dispute can involve just two people in conflict or include extended family members. Where there are issues related to family, Family mediation provides an opportunity for separated couples to have difficult discussions in a structured, non-judgmental environment.

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation can be used in a commercial contract, computer/IT, professional negligence, property disputes, construction, consumer/fair trading, insurance, personal injury, planning (and other disputes with government departments) and inheritance/probate disputes.

How we operate

Disputes Mediation MissionDisputes Mediation is one of the most reputed Mediation Company; Our mission is serving clients on their doorstep throughout England and Wales.

Disputes Mediation Vision: Our vision is to lead by setting the standard of excellence by serving our clients in resolving their disputes through mediation, including Family Mediation, Civil and Commercial Mediation, Workplace Mediation, and Community Mediation. Helping the client with no discrimination, in a professional and ethical way, to resolve their disputes without spending a huge amount on litigation. Our pride is Unparalleled Client Service and Incredibly Competitive Costs.

Disputes Mediation ValueWe believe in quality and make no compromise on the quality of our services. We are committed to delivering quality services by maintaining our Neutrality, Impartiality, Integrity and Clients’ Confidentiality.

Independence and Neutrality. Our core practice principal is maintaining our independence and acting neutrality and impartiality. We are committed to serve all parties equally with respect to the mediation process and maintain impartiality.

Confidentiality. Maintaining confidentiality is the core principle of every mediation.

Integrity. As mediators, we cannot decide on behalf of the parties. The mediator role is to facilitate the parties to make their own decision which suits their needs and circumstances.

Legal Advice. As mediators, we cannot give legal advice to our clients.

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Areas of expertise

Disputes Mediation is one of the most respected full-service group of mediators in UK.

We are offering a full range of mediation services including:

Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes happen when two individuals both accept they reserve the privilege to a piece of land. Disputes start when one individual sets up a fence or divider ashore which someone else thought had a place with them.

Financial disputes

In Financial Dispute our mediators can help the client towards a financial settlement.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges.

Intellectual property disputes

Our mediators can help you in resolving disputes on intellectual property (IP) and meditate.

Contract Disputes

Contractual disputes can arise if the event of a real or perceived failure by one or more of the parties involved satisfying the contracts’ terms. Contractual dispute includes the failure by one party to meet expectations.