Family Mediation

Family Mediation

We provide Mediation services in all types of Family cases including Divorce, Finance, and Children.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation, this is often in the case of a divorce or separation where an outcome needs to be determined as to the future of any children, property or finance that is owned by the separating parties. Family mediation is a process of resolving family disputes by an independent, trained mediator to helps the splitting couples to find out a solution for the issues related to children, finance and another family-related matter. The mediator facilitates the negotiation to find a solution which works for both. In divorce or ending civil partnership cases, most of the time attending court hearing is not required but in cases where there are issues related to children and finances the Court will expect from the parties to consider mediation before applying to the court to hear their case.

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  • Cost of MIAM + Court form is £160 including VAT.

Family Mediation FAQ

If you’ve just split-up, you’re getting a divorce or dissolving a civil partnership or you’ve been separated for a while, you might need to sort out arrangements with your ex or other family members.

Parental Responsibility FAQ

Frequently asked questions relating to children issues in a divorce or dissolving a civil partnership. Orders that can be made by the Court under the Children Act 1989

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