How Can We Improve Mental Health At Work?

Mental health is becoming a growing concern with each passing day. According to Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems at the workplace. This can affect them both emotionally and physically. So, this leaves us with a straightforward question “Who is responsible for mental health at work?”

It is a human tendency to often blame others for our misery and problems. While there are HR and managers to look after your mental health, it is ‘ME’ in the Mental health that is most responsible for all the problems and solutions. The question that should bother us is, “What are we responsible for?” When we reiterate this question in our mind and try and find the solution to it, that will be the time a change for betterment can take place.

What can cause mental health issues at work?

  • Inflexible working hours
  • Poor communication and management
  • Unclear tasks
  • Low-level support for employees
  • Bullying or psychological harassment
  • Negative work environment

Good mental health at work will automatically increase productivity at work. According to Mental Health Foundation, “addressing wellbeing issues at work increases productivity by as much as 12%.”

How can you take care of yourself?

Awareness of mental health is increasing, but still, some people are reluctant to accept the truth due to the fear of discrimination from society. But this is the time to be selfish and keep ourselves as a priority. You can take care of yourself by:

  • Changing nutrition
  • Talking about your feelings
  • Regular exercise can help you concentrate, sleep better, feel better and increase your self-esteem.
  • Keep in touch: relationships are essential to mental health.

Tips and tricks for managers and employers

  • Ask people how they feel

Talking to people when they are new to make them comfortable with the work environment is very common, but taking care of the old employees should also be exercised. Knowing how well they are being managed, how supported they are, and any other issues concerning them can be good for the company.

  • Initiatives for good mental health

Training managers to have a confident, empathetic conversation with staff and creating a wellbeing action plan can positively impact the work environment.

  • Lighten up the mood

The office is said to be the second home, as we spend long hours of our day there. So why not take some initiatives to lighten up the mood and create positive relationships between the staff so that the work can be enjoyable.

  • Little things count

Significant changes come through small changes; why not try to create a listening space, adding some plants to uplift the office’s mood and create a positive atmosphere.

If all this doesn’t help, then asking for help is ALWAYS OK. GPs, employee assistance programmes, supportive supervisors, and caring co-workers can help in this situation.

If none of this helps and you have found the root cause of the issue, and want to talk it out with the other party so that you can have peace of mind but are reluctant to do it all by yourself, then mediation is the right way to move forward.

Mediation is an entirely voluntary and impartial process that can help you resolve a dispute that may be causing any mental health.

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