When it comes to disputes and finding resolutions, we know that things can be challenging. However, here at Disputes Mediation, we are also aware that sometimes things can be more than just challenging, especially when you don’t really want to see the other party. Well, believe it or not, there is still a solution available for you – shuttle mediation.

What Is Shuttle Mediation?

So, in an attempt to avoid jargon, we will attempt to explain things in the clearest way possible. Shuttle mediation is a process that can take place whether the mediation session is taking place online, or in person.

To put things simply. If you do not wish to see the other party involved and the mediation is an in-person session, the mediation will take place in two separate rooms, and the mediator will essentially be mirroring correspondence between the parties and the rooms. 

When it comes to online sessions, the same still applies, neither party will have to see or hear the other and the mediator will manage the session in the most appropriate way to suit the parties.

Why Choose Shuttle Mediation?

Unfortunately, separation is a messy business sometimes, and we know this. We also know that sometimes, the thought of being in the company of a person you don’t want to associate can be highly daunting, so in cases such as this, shuttle mediation would be the ideal solution.

Is Shuttle Mediation For You?

Well, honestly this is a question that only you can answer. Now while this may be the case, we know that you will probably need guidance to help you find your conclusion. If you feel like you need a mediation solution where you don’t really want to see the opposite party, you can always book a free consultation with one of our case advisors and see if we can help you find a solution that meets your needs.